Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Our air sanitisers use a combination of humidity and a 100% mineral disinfectant to combat pathogens that linger in the air.

Our unique solution is 99.995% effective at killing bacteria, viruses, fungi & spores. It has been developed to work specifically with our units to ensure the best possible performance and robust longevity. 
The units produce a fine 'cool' mist which increases the air humidity whilst sanitising, but will not leave any wetness on a surface.
Where can the AIR misters be used?
Our air sanitisers are safe to use in any environment, as they use a 100% natural mineral product to disinfect the that you breathe. It is completely safe and naturally occurring in the human body.
Does your mister use harmful chemicals?
No, the solution used in our machine complies with the requirements of the European Biocide Regulation EU528/2012 Product Types 1-5, which means it is deemed approved for use with Humans and Animals and it has been tested to BS EN 901 as a disinfectant for drinking water, fit for human consumption.
Are the units supplied with sanitising solution?
Yes they are supplied as a bundle. More can be ordered seperately
Can I use my own sanitising solution?
Our units are designed to work with a unique blend of HOCL .We cannot recommend any other solution being used as this may damage the unit, or be less effective. Our solutions are approved and have been subject to vigorous testing alongside our units. Misuse will void manufacturer warranty.

NEVER put any other disinfectant product into our machines that may be harmful. We do not use chemicals in our products.
Will the AIR unit combat odours?
Yes it will be very effective at neutralising bad smells.
Is it safe to use around pets?
Yes it is safe to use around animals.