Harnessing the power of nature with the latest in technology

Protecting the AIR you breathe

Kills airborne viruses and bacteria, neutralises smells and leaves the air mountain fresh

Features of the all new md2 air sanitiser

App Enabled

Controllable via the App, for easy access from anywhere.

Our Wi-Fi enabled mister makes it possible to link multiple units together, on a schedule or controlled independently.


The AIR mister offers a number of features to control humidity, mist level, and timer function.

All displayed on the front panel.

100% Natural

Our products combine the health benefits of controlled humidity with the natural disinfecting properties of our own unique blend of electrolysed water.

Ultrasonic Technology

Our AIR sanitiser utilises the latest in ultrasonic technology to create an ultra fine mist. The particles are so small that they stay airborne for extended periods of time, killing bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, as well as neutralising odours and increasing the air humidity.

A humidity level of between 40-60 R/H is shown to be beneficial to health.

App Enabled

The AIR unit is Wi-Fi enabled.


Designed specifically to work in any environment. The sleek look, and small size, mean it works in any location.


"The air feels so much fresher than normal, and I feel energised after using it a few hours a day" Coventry

– Mrs Jones

"I have suffered from a cough for years, but just having the mister running for a few minutes makes my chest feel clearer, and my breathing is much easier." *Leamington Care Home

– Pauline G.

"We wanted something we could use in the office while we were working, as the office gets very stuffy in the winter. The air is so much fresher, and staff feel protected." Northamptonshire

– David. D

Mountain fresh air in minutes

Keeping you and your visitors safe

The Science

Humidity and HOCl working together to improve overall health and protect the air you breathe.

99.995% effective at killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores

Also effective against Pollen, Airborne Yeast and Mould Spores, purifying the air that you breathe

Powerful AIR disinfectant and deodoriser

FREE FROM alcohol, aldehydes, parabens, dyes and scents

Hypoallergenic, is none-irritant and non-staining

Kind to your skin, pH skin compatible

Suitable for food preparation areas

Will not endanger pets or plants

Wall-mounted or free-standing

Timer function

Wi-fi link function (controlled via app)

Automatic schedule (controlled via app)

Suitable for use in all environments